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Antique Hostel Istanbul greets all guests and visitors, regardless of age, gender and social status. We are glad to welcome each visitor and guess it was right choice.
Antique Hostel Budget Hotel Istanbul

We are an independently owned hostel. We think of our guests as our family. People often think that our location is our greatest asset, but guests quickly realize the hostel is more than just location. The attitude is laid back and there is a positive energy that comes from staff and guests alike. It is a home, a place to easily make life-long friends.

Turkey Travel Planner By Tom Brosnahan say; "Kutlugün Sokak (Hostel's street) is a quiet street, and this part of it is particularly quiet, with barely any traffic at all, and yet you're literally just around the corner from the Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome, and only a few minutes' walk from Topkapi Palace. It's also comforting that Mr Hilmi Efendioglu, owner-manager of the hostel, is a longtime resident of this neighborhood. In fact, the hostel was for years his family home: he was born in this building, as was his father before him! If it weren't for the thrifty dorm rooms, which allow budget travelers to sleep within sight of the sultan's palace for an astoundingly small sum, I'd call the Antique Hostel not a hostel at all, but a good small hotel.

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