General Policies

We believe that we can demonstrate our quality in the Tourism and Hotel Management Sector with the importance we attach to guest satisfaction. We regularly monitor the satisfaction of our guests and effectively carry out the service we offer in line with guest requests and suggestions, in accordance with the Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food and Environmental Safety Management System conditions.

We take care to ensure that every service carried out in our facility takes into account the safety and health of our employees and guests; In order to ensure that this understanding is effective, we adopt the principle of working in line with the targets we have established regarding Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food and Environmental Safety.

We are committed to providing safe foods by fulfilling the necessary legal regulations and guest requirements for the safety of our guests and staff, from the purchase to the presentation of every food served in our facility.

We comply with Environmental Legal Legislation and guest requirements in order to protect nature in our facility and prevent the impact we have on the environment during our activities. We are committed to separating and disposing of all kinds of waste generated during our activities in accordance with legal regulations and to keep unnecessary water, electricity, energy and chemical consumption under control.

During purchasing processes, suppliers are selected and evaluated by taking into account environmental factors.

We know that our personnel have an important role in fulfilling these policies, and we attach importance to their training and development. We adopt the principle of reviewing and improving our guests and management systems, with the awareness that an educated, knowledgeable, self-confident, respectful and continuous human resource will play an important role in the guests' choice of our facility,

We ensure the collection, temporary storage, recovery, disposal and post-disposal processes of all kinds of waste coming out of our facility by separating and measuring them at the place where they are generated. To ensure the use of the right amount of chemicals in the right place, we periodically organize our personnel training and provide the necessary equipment and storage conditions.

We follow and apply technological developments to ensure the correct use of natural resources.

We regularly monitor our water, electricity and chemical consumption and implement corrective and remedial actions in case of deviations.

It informs our guests about all the sustainable environmental work we carry out as a hotel. We want your encouragement by encouraging and inviting us to our social and community work. We receive their feedback in order to improve ourselves with our questions under the environmental heading in guest satisfaction surveys.

Our aim is to support sustainable tourism with our work and to help increase quality and protect the resources needed by the business world by making as much difference as we can on our own behalf.

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