TOUR 7 - IN THE PATH OF JEUNE TURCS - 35€ per person

Half Day Morning Tour with Entrace Fee Included

Bosphorus Bridge

The idea of a bridge crossing the Bosphorus dates back to antiquity. For Emperor Darius, The Greate of Persia (522 BC – 485 BC), as recorded by the Greek writer Herodotus in his Histories.

Çamlica Hill

The great Camlica Hill stands about four kilometers east of Uskudar and can be reached by car. It is the taller of the twin peaks of Mount Bulgurlu, the highest point in the vicinity of Istanbul. From here, there is an absolutely magnificent view, which makes it well worth the climb. In the morning when the sun is still easterly one has a panoramic sight of the whole city, the Bosphorus almost as far as the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea with the Princes Islands. Toward evening the sun sets almost directly behind Istanbul and its domes and minaretsare silhouetted.

Beylerbeyi Palace

Designed in the Second Empire style by Sarkis Balyan, Beylerbeyi Palace seems fairly restrained comparde to the excesses of the earlier Dolmabahçe or Küçüksu palaces. The palace looks its most attractive from the Bosphorus, from where its two bathing pavilions, one for the harem (womens only) and the other for the selamlik (mens only), can best be seen. One of the most attractive rooms is the reception hall, which has a pool and fountain. Running water was popular in Ottoman houses for its pleasant sound and cooling effect in the heat. Egyptian reed matting is used on the floor as aform of insulation. The crystal chandeliers are mostly French Baccarat and the carpets are from Hereke.

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