Our hotel is committed to supporting and working with our local community.

We are committed to carrying out every service carried out at our facility in a way that helps preserve and promote the destination's culture, heritage and local economy.

We believe that constant contact with our local community contributes to the well-being and livelihood of local people.

We aim to support initiatives that develop the local economy and society, and to respect and protect local culture, traditions and way of life.

To achieve our goals:
• We encourage our guests to explore the destination's history, culture, traditions and local community, as well as the local products and services offered.

• We guide our guests on how to behave responsibly towards the local people, flora and fauna outside the facility.

• Wherever possible, we prefer local and regional products and services as stated in our purchasing policy.

• We provide employment opportunities to local people by preferring staff living locally during the recruitment process.

• We support local initiatives that support protecting our beaches by carrying out regular beach cleaning with our employees.

• Being aware of the importance of social responsibility and its leading role in society, we take part in social responsibility projects.

• We are committed to continuing to continuously improve all the work we do regarding social adaptation in our facility.

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